Club Lit

the one-book-a-week reading club

Here’s a quick fact. The average American reads 4-5 books per year. Here’s another quick fact. The average CEO reads 4-5 books per month. Notice any difference? Welcome to Club Lit, the free, online one-book-a-week reading program. I’m Connor, and I’ll be your host. I started reading one book every week quite some time ago, and its been the best habit I’ve ever established into my life (except maybe showering), so I’m here to share it with you. I’ve filtered through to bad..the ehhh…and even the good…to bring you the excellent. All aimed at making you a more successful and well-rounded person. If you’re already saying to yourself, “I don’t have time”, in the nicest way possible, I’d like to tell you you’re wrong. Just look at the first two sentences of this paragraph. If the average CEO can find the time…I’d venture to guess you can too. The secret to it is it’s that its actually not that hard at all, and I’m here to make it even easier. I have already broken down every book we will read into sizable daily pieces that should take you no longer than 30-40 minutes a day. So if you’d like to follow along with us, subscribe to our weekly updates by entering your email into the box below right next to Lebron. Continue on to learn more about how our reading plans will be broken down, or jump right into our weekly reading and start today!

           consistent learning makes for a great mind


             a great mind makes for inevitable success


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